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Vaping product update as TPD deadline is reached

21/11/2016 13:31  | Team ROK  |  NEWS

You may be aware that one of the key milestones of the EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) took place yesterday (20th November).

Article 20 of the TPD relates to e cigarettes and has been transposed into UK law under the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016. The new regulations place restrictions on the type of vaping products that can be manufactured and sold in the UK.

20th November deadline

From the 20/11/16 UK businesses cannot manufacture or import products that are non-compliant or are not registered on a European portal. However as an online retailer existing stocks can be sold through during the transitional period up until 19/05/17.

Vaping product restrictions

The main restrictions that affect the products we currently sell are as follows:

  • E liquids cannot be sold with nicotine strengths over 2% (2mg/ml)
  • E liquids must be tested and notified via the EU portal
  • Tanks and refill containers cannot hold more than 2ml of e liquid

How does this affect me?

We have been working incredibly hard behind the scenes to ensure you are able to continue vaping uninterrupted. We have introduced a wide range of alternative, simple to use products and upgrades to our existing ranges to minimize the disruption to our customers.

We will continue to provide full updates here at the blog throughout the next 6 months of transition to enable you to make informed decisions about which products you continue to buy.

E liquids

We are introducing a new range of fully compliant e liquids in 48 different flavours and 4 nicotine strengths this month which is made in Britain. We are also introducing matches to our five most popular existing tobacco and menthol flavours (Original Tobacco, Classic Tobacco, Virginian Tobacco, Britannia Blend and Mountain Menthol). These matched flavours are TPD compliant, very similar in taste and are produced by our manufacturing partner ‘Decadent Vapours’ – who had produced all ROK brand e liquids previously. As such the changes you will see are as follows:

You will only be able to buy high 2.4% nicotine strength e liquids until our existing stock has sold through, and before 19th May 2017. We recommend checking the site regularly for special offers on the high strength e liquids as we sell through the existing stock

The branding and packaging will change on the five flavours listed above. Some of the flavours have been adjusted slightly but are the closest match available from the mixology experts at Decadent Vapours. The liquids are UK made and are manufactured by the same team

Our new e liquid range is also made in Britain and has been expanded to 48 flavours in four nicotine strengths (0.3, 0.6, 1.2 and 1.8 mg/ml nicotine) to provide you a much wider choice than previously. Again the packaging and branding on the bottles you receive will be updated over the next 6 months

ROK Legend e cigarettes

Due to the tank size restriction we will be phasing out ROK Legend over the next 6 months. We will keep you updated on the changes but be assured we have already introduced a great range of products to replace it.

Disposable standard tankomizers will be available until December and we have reduced the alternative RCS tankomizers to £4.99 should you wish to switch. The RCS tankomizers and compatible coils are planned to be be available until the next deadline in May 2017. We have also introduced an alternative tankomizer (the Kanger TOPTANK EVOD) which is TPD compliant and features improved airflow should you wish to continue using your existing batteries and charge leads beyond May 2017.

ROK Legend batteries will remain available beyond May 2017 for as long as their is sufficeint demand and the alternative upgrade products are available now and will remain available beyond the deadline.

Upgrading your e cigarette

We have introduced a range of new and simple-to-use alternatives to the ROK Legend which are available online now. These are as follows:

Kanger TOP EVOD – a vape pen that is fully compatible with your existing ROK Legend batteries and charge leads

Aspire PockeX – an alternative ‘all-in-one’ vape kit with high capacity battery. A perfect upgrade

Aspire X30 Rover – an alternative ‘box mod’ style e cigarette that features variable power

Need help or assistance?

If you need any help or advice or are planning to switch products then please do not hesitate to contact us as we would be happy to help.

Coils: ROK Legend RCS and Kanger TOPTANK EVOD coils are not compatible or interchangeable. However both types of tanks are compatible with ROK Legend batteries. Please ensure you buy the correct coil for your tank or contact us if you need help

Author: Team ROK

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