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One month until TPD – what you need to know

20/04/2017 14:34  |  NEWS

On the 20th May the final phase of the EU TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) and UK TRPR (Tobacco and Related Products Regulations) come into full effect.

From that date onwards certain types of vaping products must be removed from the UK market. These include

-          Any e liquids with a nicotine strength over 20 mg/ml

-          Any liquids in bottles larger than 10 ml

-          Any tanks with a capacity over 2 ml

-          Any products that have not been tested and notified to the EU

As such we have ensure we can deliver continuity across all of our product lines to ensure that - even if your current product is no longer available - we have alternatives and compatible products available for you.


E cigarettes & vape kits

Whilst the ROK Legend will no longer be available as the original tank is too large, you will still be able to buy the batteries, charge leads and a choice of compatible tanks – both disposable (to replace the ROK Standard Tankomizer) and an alternative with replaceable coils (to replace the ROK RCS  tank system).

We also offer the Kanger TOP EVOD e cigarette which works with your existing ROK Legend hardware.

if you are looking to upgrade we recommend the Aspire PockeX all-in-one and have also introduced a range of vape kits from leading brands including Aspire, SMOK, Kanger and Innokin.

E liquid

We have replaced the 5 most popular ROK flavours with alternatives with identical or similar flavour profiles – all of which are made in the same facility using the same raw ingredients. These e liquids are available in 5 strengths between zero and 18 mg/ml nicotine

ROK Original Tobacco – replaced by DV American Gold

ROK Britannia Blend – replaced by DV Tobacco

ROK Classic Tobacco – replaced by DV American Red

ROK Virginian Tobacco – replaced by DV Amber Blend

ROK Mountain Menthol – replaced by DV Menthol Special Blend

In addition we have also introduced a wide range of 50 new flavours in the new Made In Britain range to provide alternatives for all of the tobacco, menthol, fruit and desert/candy ranges, alongside a number of new ranges such as Ruthless, Vlad’s VG, Rude Oil and Decadent Vapours VG if you are looking to try something new.

E cigars

Unfortunately the existing ROK Stogie range also contains more e liquid than is now allowed and as such we have introduced a new EPUFFER e cigar with more products on the way soon.

Tips (cartomizer refills)

If you use one of our cigalike ranges (ROK Original, Discovery or Starter 105) We have brought in replacements for the tips/refills from Ten Motives in tobacco and menthol flavours so that you can continue vaping uninterrupted. The new Ten Motives refills are fully compatible with these products and also with ROK Legend batteries if you prefer not to use e liquid and tanks.

We are sorry for the disruption during these changes but hope you will enjoy the wide range of products we now have available. During this final month you can grab some great bargains in our clearance section including e liquids and tanks from just 99p.

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