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New ROK Stogie rechargeable e cigar review

05/02/2016 21:47  |  NEWS

We are delighted to have received the following glowing review from one of our loyal customers in Strathclyde. We love receiving feedback and all of our customers are automatically invited to provide a customer review every time they order, giving us a constant flow of genuine feedback on our products are services which we can use to continually strive to improve what we do.
E cigar review

“I am an experienced cigar smoker of almost three decades. I've smoked expensive Cohiba cigars, but settled on Corona Deluxe cigars. I am trying to stop for financial, health, and "doing the right thing for my 8 year old son" reasons.
I have tried three other e cigar brands before trying the ROK Stogie - some quite good, some really not very good. I will not name them for obvious reasons. The ROK Stogie is by far the best flavour by some quite considerable distance. Very close to the real thing. It also looks good and feels realistic in use. And a rechargeable unit will be prove much more cost competitive than the disposables I have tried.
Most importantly, as a real cigar smoker of thirty years, the ROK Stogie is the best tasting e cigar I have used so far. It has certainly helped me stop smoking, whilst still allowing me to enjoy the experience of the ROK Stogie. It has also saved me a whole lot of money, as rechargeable e cigars work out an awful lot less expensive than the real thing.
I can also confirm that the entire customer experience, from website enquiry, through order placing, customer support where required, packaging, and delivery are all absolutely excellent.
I cannot yet comment on the longevity of the product, but certainly the customer service aspect of the supplying company is also excellent. As such I would thoroughly recommend the ROK Stogie to anyone who has the remotest interest in trying the healthier option of an e-cigar. Thank you.”
Follow the link to find out more about our ROK Stogie e cigars.
You can read all of our feedback, which is published independently - warts and all - at the eKomi website here: e cigarette reviews.

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