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New Glorious Garlic and Nations’ Favourite e liquids

01/04/2016 22:36  |  NEWS

Our new range of 6 e liquid flavours are launching later today – check in this afternoon to be one of the first to try our tasty new range of flavours
Glorious Garlic

The jewel in the crown of our new flavour ranges is something quite unique. Our glorious garlic flavour will be available in the full range of 5 e liquid strengths – from zero to high (2.4%).
Whether you are a fan of the strong pungent flavour to spice up your meals, are a fan of garlic prawns to start your meal, or just like the odd piece of garlic bread from time to time, our new gorgeous garlic flavour really is quite extraordinary.
Nations’ Favourites

Our new Nations’ Favourites range of e liquid flavours was inspired by the development of our gorgeous garlic variety and looking at where we could take it next. Now you can skip a meal and still enjoy the lingering flavour of some of our favourite dinners. Available in medium (1.1%) and strong (1.8%) nicotine varieties later today.
Roast beef dinner
Nothing says Sunday lunch quite like a roast beef dinner. Our new flavour comes with all the trimmings – underlying roast beef flavour with hints of roast potato, Yorkshire pudding and gravy.
Spaghetti Bolognese and garlic bread
The Italian classic – meaty flavour with a spiced kick, tomato notes and a light burst of parmesan cheese. All topped with a flavoursome garlic bread taste.
Chicken madras and chilli naan
Delicious, spicy Indian curry with infused flavours and a hot chilli base complemented with cumin, coriander, turmeric and garam masala. All topped off with a tasty chilli naan.
Mixed kebab with lemon juice
Let’s go Greek! Feel the flavour of chunks of lamb, chicken steak and doner meat – the perfect end to a night on the town!
Crispy duck with hoisin sauce
Our final Nations’ favourite flavour is from China – our delicious crispy duck pancakes with hoisin sauce. A tasty combination of duck, Chinese five spice, hoisin sauce and sesame oil – all brightened with fresh spring onion and cucumber tones.

Okay, so it is the first of April - we hope you will not be too disappointed to hear that this was an April fool. That roast beef dinner does sound nice though - that's the plan for Sunday sorted!

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