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E cigarette popularity continues to grow

29/06/2015 17:38  | Team ROK  |  NEWS

A new article reported in the Telegraph last week shows that the popularity of e cigarettes continues to grow, both here in the UK and also around the world.
The article, which is based upon the latest Euromonitor International statistics, highlights how the use of electronic cigarettes has continue to grow and grow, whilst nicotine replacement therapies (NRT) and tobacco-based cigarettes are generally in decline.
Worldwide, the market growth of e cigarette products is 59% to around £4 billion, and in the biggest US market the sales have doubled.
In the UK specifically NRT sales have fallen by 3%, whilst sales of e cigarettes and related products has grown by 75% to just under £500 million, making the UK now the 2nd largest market worldwide, behind only North America. The UK e cigarette market is now triple the size of that of NRTs.
By comparison, the number of UK adults smoking traditional, tobacco-based cigarettes has fallen from 27% fifteen years ago to around 19% in 2014. Sales of traditional cigarettes in the UK increased by under one percent in the last year, with a key factor being up to 90% tax in the UK. E cigarettes are proving to be a much more affordable alternative.
The article highlights that the only exception to the rule regarding traditional cigarettes as China, where there is still a strong growth in smoking tobacco cigarettes. However, this growth is purely driven by the rapid growth in the population, with the actual proportion of smokers compared to non-smokers remaining static. It is estimated that in three years’ time half of the world’s tobacco smokers will be in China.
Click here to take a look at the full article, complete with graphs and commentary from Euromonitor International.

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk, 23/6/2015. All rights acknowledged.


Author: Team ROK

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