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We thought we would let the dust settle for a few weeks before sharing our thoughts on the recent MHRA announcement.

ROK Universal has today announced the full launch of their latest liquid refillable performance electronic cigarettes for e-smokers in the UK and Europe.

World No Tobacco Day

30/05/2013 12:58

This Friday marks the World No Tobacco Day.

According to the Epoch Times (19/05/13), last week saw the Italian union of tobacco operators lodge an appeal with the regional court of Lazio, in an attempt to block the sale of electronic cigarettes.

UK and e cigarettes

20/05/2013 14:31

The confusion surrounding electronic cigarettes continues throughout the UK.

Whilst here in Europe the vaping communities rally behind calls to stop the proposed EU wide ban of ecigarettes, discussions about how good or bad ecigs are for your health rage on throughout Canada and the US.

You may or may not be aware that the European union are essentially trying to remove your ability to use/purchase electronic cigarettes and e-liquid.

In recent weeks a number of stories have been reported in the media with some electronic batteries exploding. Let ROK explain why this has happened to consumers. We do add here ROK have not been involved in these unfortunate & avoidable events.

Celebrities and e cigarettes

04/04/2013 14:34

First it was Stephen Dorff, now Courtney Love joins the list of celebrities trying to persuade us that electronic cigarettes are cool. 

It can get very confusing when choosing the right electronic cigarette for you. Not only are you trying to understand how ecigarettes function and what the different parts are called, but you also try and get your head around all the claims being thrown about by different retailers. One of the main claims being cigarette equivalents.

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