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Results of a new survey conducted by UCL, between 2009 and 2014, revealed that smokers are approximately 60% more likely to succeed in quitting if they use e-cigarettes. 

As we have found out over the past few weeks, vaping has more than tripled over the last two years, with 71% of ex-smokers and 36% of current smokers using ecigarettes to stop smoking entirely

Rechargeable e cigar

30/04/2014 12:30

The new ROK Stogie range of rechargeable e cigars is here!

E cigarette summit

12/11/2013 18:26

A public health debate on ecigarettes is taking place today at the Ecigarette Summit in London.

News of the latest study in e-cigarette users or vapers, is welcomed by the vaping community.

Vapers victorious in EU

08/10/2013 17:12

As you know from our previous EU related news items, today was the day  EU commission voted on proposed amendments to the TobaccoAgainst the EU ecig ban Products Directive (TPD). One of those amendments was to say that e-cigarettes are not medicines and should not be regulated or classified as such.

Australia looks set to be the first country to ban smoking altogether.

During the summer break many continued to write to their MPs and MEPs explaining their experience with ecigarettes and the impact they have had on their lives. This cumulative writing and application of pressure has finally had a result!

ECITAs response to ENVI vote

12/07/2013 17:41

Following the events in Brussels, we now have a response from the ECITA President Katherine Devlin. She posted her comments on ukvapers.org blog earlier today trying to explain what this latest vote means, what further processes are in place and the timeline for these processes.

With the current talk of government regulation of e-cigarettes it is refreshing to see a new report that explains how this “will harm competition, increase prices and damage public health.”

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