Product warranty


Charge leads and mains adaptors 

USB chargers and three pin wall adaptors are warranted for a period of 12 months. We offer a range of USB charge leads to charge your batteries. Each one is clearly listed on the website to work with the kit or product listed. Please do not use on any other device or use other USB leads from other suppliers as voltages do vary. We advise never cover a charging battery & USB lead or leave unattended when the charge process in underway.


Batteries which are more likely to be dropped are classed as consumable items and as such are warranted for a period of 60 days from the purchase date. Thereafter items may be purchased online.

Tankomizers & atomizers

Tankomizers and atomizers are supplied and sold as single use disposable items and are covered by our dead on arrival warranty. Tankomizers & atomizers have a 48 hour cover, this means from date of receipt (48 hours from the date of your invoice) you have a 48 hour period to check the goods to ensure they are in good working order. As a rough guide, a tankomizer / atomiser lifespan is subject to your individual usage style and should be replaced within 5 refills / 30 days of first use. Some consumers get less, some get more out of the lifespan. Please remember in essence, your tankomizer / atomizer is like a car’s oil filter and spark plugs combined – the lifespan depends on how much you use it, for how long, how hard you drive it and what you put in the tank. Our tankomizers & atomizers although made to the highest quality, are consumable items which will fail and degrade over a period of time dependent on usage & the quality / type of e liquid used in your device. This is standard practice across the market & as we have no control on what e-liquid is placed in the device & how much it is used.


Cartomizers although made to the highest quality are functional and will degrade over a period of time dependant on usage. As consumable these items and not under warranty.