Cirro 2 clearomizer

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Replacement disposable clearomizer (tankomizer) for use with ROK Legend e cigarette batteries and the Cirro 2 vape kit.

  • Works with all ROK Legend batteries
  • 1.6 ml capacity
  • Supplied with re-usable protective rubber bung to keep the mouthpiece clean

The screw connection thread on this product is 510 so it will attach to eGo, eGo-T, eGo-W, eGO-C and eVod batteries.

Tankomizer user guide

1) Unscrew the black mouthpiece
2) Angle the tankomizer at 60 degrees and slowly inject the liquid down the inner wall of the tankomizer making sure that the liquid does not go into the central air tube in the middle
3) A scale on the side of the tank indicates the liquid level. Never fill over 1.6ml for a better vaping experience and to protect the heating element
4) Replace the black mouthpiece and wait 3-5 minutes for the liquid to absorb fully into the wick before first use

Please note: tankomizers are supplied and sold as disposable items. As a rough guide, a tankomizer’s lifespan are subject to individual usage and should be replaced within 5 refills / 30 days of first use. Some consumers get less, some get more out of the lifespan. Please remember in essence, your tankomizer is like a car’s oil filter and spark plugs combined – the lifespan depends on how much you use it, for how long, how hard you drive it and what you put in the tank! Our tankomizers, although made to the highest quality, are consumable items which will fail and degrade over a period of time dependent on usage & the quality and type of e liquid used in your device. This is standard practice across the market & as we have no control on what e-liquid is placed in the device & how much it is used.

  • Compatibility: ROK Legend
  • Capacity: 1.6ml
  • Brand: Cirro
  • Connection: 510
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Model number: CE4
  • Kit includes: tank, rubber protective bung, box
  • Dimensions: 68 mm long x 14 mm diameter
  • Weight: 11g