Safety information

Battery Safety Notes

Care of & charging of your batteries

We use the best quality materials & best practice in the manufacturing process to ensure we offer our customers have the best products. Once you take receipt of our products please read the supplied instructions. Improper handling of batteries or the charger may present a risk of fire, explosion or chemical burns. 

Users of our products agree to accept responsibility for all such risks and not to hold ROK Premium Electronic Cigarettes their distributors or retailers (including owners and employees) responsible for any accident, injury to persons, or damage to property caused by failure to follow these instructions.

Store batteries and chargers in a cool, dry place at normal room temperature. 
Do not leave batteries or charger in hot places such as a car under direct sunlight.
Keep sources of ignition- such as flammable objects or liquids, sparks, electrical equipment, hot objects and mobile phones – well away from batteries and chargers.
Do not leave charging batteries unattended or leave charging more than 4 hours.
Do not leave batteries on charge overnight.
Do not place batteries into a microwave oven or into any other high-pressure container.
Do not immerse batteries or charger in water or otherwise get them wet.
Do not use batteries or chargers from alternative suppliers with ROK products.
Do not disassemble, puncture, modify, drop, throw, or cause other unnecessary shocks to batteries or the chargers.
When the battery is not in use, disconnect the battery from the charger.
Charge batteries and store batteries and charges in a fire-safe container like a LI-PO safe charging bag.
Do not use or charge batteries that appear to be leaking, discoloured, rusty, and deformed; emit an odour; or are other abnormal.
Keep the batteries and the chargers away from children and pets at all times.
Do not put batteries in mouth.
Do not use batteries or chargers in appliances or purposes for which they were not intended.
Dispose of batteries and chargers according to the local law and regulations of your region.
If you are unsure or have any questions relating to the above data please call us.

Product labelling

Smoke Without Sin Ltd is a responsible vendor & we comply to the very latest requirements when it comes to labelling of our products.
As our products contain nicotine we immediately adopt any regulations that become enforced on or about to be on our industry, to this end our labelling will reflect this and we will implement changes when we make new product batches in our production facilities. 
The chemicals regulations have recently been updated with CLP, Reach & CHIP compliance. So when handling e liquid in its liquid form or when placed into a tankomiser & e tip cartomiser please follow the below guide.

Contains nicotine and not to be sold our used by persons under the age of 18. Store locked up, do not get in eyes, on skin or on clothing. Wash hands after handling. Do not eat, drink or smoke when using this product. Use at own risk 
IF ON SKIN: Gently wash with plenty of soap and water. Remove and wash any contaminated clothing before re use. Ideally wear protective gloves. 
IF SWALLOWED: Immediately rinse mouth then call a poison centre or doctor. Unvapourised E liquid can be fatal if swallowed or in contact with skin.
STORAGE: Protect from bright lights and high temperatures.
INGREDIENTS: Propylene Glycol (>60%) natural & artificial flavours, nicotine USP/EP (See front of label for %) May contain traces of nuts. EINECS: 200-193-3

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