5 Stogie disposable e cigars

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When it comes to flavour think Cuban! The great clouds of thick vapour generated deliver a nutty, woody, even toasty overtone with a hint of cedar and cream. Size matters! Similar to a Robusto or a Rothschild at 11.5cm long with a 36mm girth this is the “Man’s Man” cigar. It looks & feels like a proper cigar, even down to the detail of the Colorado Claro textured durable colour paper we wrap around the unit rather than a nasty plastic finish available elsewhere. The battery has a huge capacity at 900 mAh will pump out around 900 puffs delivering a great throat hit. She only weighs 36g & the device contains 2.5ml of e liquid (1.6% nicotine) so you have plenty of liquid to complement the battery capacity. The LED light at the end glows our signature blue, so when you are enjoying your e cigar in a restaurant, your club or Casino you will be left in peace to enjoy your ROK Stogie experience. The vapour emitted does not smell and simply evaporates within seconds when you blow it out. Your ROK Stogie e cigar is supplied in a card container giving it that super premium feel.

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