Legend RCS tank (aqua blue)

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The ROK Legend RCS replacement coil system tankomizer is an alternative to our standard tankomizer which enables you to replace the atomizing coil. We set out to achieve one goal - take the best that exists and make it better. To this end we have created a tankomizer that pushes the boundaries of design, functionality and engineering. Available in a choice of six colours that complement the ROK Legend stainless steel batteries - aqua blue, pretty pink, hot red, deep purple, matt black & silver steel. Your ROK Legend RCS tankomizer comprises of three key components: Battery & coil collar This has a dual function - It connects your assembled RCS tankomizer to your ROK Legend battery and keeps the replaceable atomizing coil screwed into the collar. Replaceable atomizing coil This is the heating element that vaporizes the e liquid. These are rated at 2.4 ohm to deliver great clouds of vapour. The bottom-mounted replaceable coil is permanently immersed in e-liquid reducing the possibility of ‘dry hits’ as you vape. All atomizing coils are consumable products that need to be replaced over time. The lifespan varies depending on individual usage style and a burnt taste indicates that either the coil life has expired or the tank is empty. Replacements are available in packs of 2 and 5. Base-filling tank with mouthpiece Our easy-to-fill tank includes two e liquid level indicator windows. The polycarbonate tank features a stainless steel outer sleeve, giving the tank a real quality feel. Simply take your tank with the mouthpiece facing downards and hold at a slight angle allowing you to pour the e liquid down the inside of the tank wall just up to the level of the central tube. Avoid getting e liquid in the central tube as this is where the vapour will travel when vaporised. Then take your assembled battery, coil and coil collar and screw into the tank to seal everything in place. The mouthpiece is made of metal to ensure it will last a long time and wont snap off. Useful information Maximum working voltage 3.3-3.8V (this is the power of the ROK Legend battery tankomizer). Thread is 510, equivalent to eGo, eGo-T, eGo-W, eGO-C and eVod batteries. RCS atomizer coils are supplied and sold as a single use disposable items and are covered by our 'dead on arrival' warranty. Atomizer coils have a 48-hour cover, this means from date of receipt (48-hours from the date of your invoice) you have a 48- hour period to check the goods to ensure they are in good working order. Please remember in essence, your tankomizer is like a car’s oil filter and spark plugs combined – the lifespan depends on how much you use it, for how long, how hard you drive it and what you put in the tank! Our tankomizer coils, although made to the highest quality, are consumable items which will fail and degrade over a period of time dependent on usage & the quality and type of e liquid used in your device. This is standard practice across the market & as we have no control on what e-liquid is placed in the device & how much it is used.

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