New vapers

Choosing the right ecigarette for you

What is an electronic cigarette?

Electronic Cigarettes satisfy the routines and cravings that surround smoking without the tar, ash or odour. No tobacco is burned in the process, which means they go some way towards reducing tobacco harm compared to traditional tobacco based products.

Our e cigarettes are rechargeable and made up of two main elements - a battery and a tankomizer (refillable with e liquid) or a cartomiser (non-refillable).

How does it work?

The power from the e cig battery warms up a heating element known as an atomiser inside the cartomiser e tip or tankomiser which vapourizes the nicotine solution.

Place the ecigarette between your lips as you would a cigarette, and recreate the smoking action. As you inhale slowly, the ecig delivers a dose of nicotine in the vapour. Once you exhale you will notice a smoke-like cloud of odourless vapour. This is water based vapour and not smoke, hence you are vaping and not smoking.

Refillable e cigarettes & e liquid

ROK Legend e cigarette kit - can be used with eliquid

Refillable electronic cigarettes are to be used with eliquids which are sold seperately.

The ROK Legend RCS Replacement Coil System is an add-on alternative tankomizer system that allows you to replace just the consumable atomizing coil in future instead of the whole standard ROK Legend tankomizer.

E cigars

E cigars come ready to use out of the box.