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Introducing the Kanger TOPTANK EVOD tank from KangerTech.

The tank is fully compatible with ROK Legend e cigarette batteries and the Kanger TOP EVOD kit.

Benefits over the ROK Legend standard tankomizer include improved aiflow through the wider mouthpiece, along with better vapour production and a deeper taste produced by a lower resistance internal coil.

Also, with the TOPTANK EVOD you can easily replace the coil when it reaches the end of its usable lifespan without needed to replace the entire tank - saving you money and better for the environment with less waste.

The replacement coils are available here: Kanger VOCC-T coils. Please note that Legend RCS coils are not compatible with the TOPTANK EVOD.

Guide to using the Kanger TOPTANK EVOD

Connecting to the battery - To attach the tank to your ROK Legend or KangerTech TOP EVOD battery simply screw it on in a clockwise direction.

Filling the tank - To fill the tank with e liquid hold the main body of the tank in one hand and then unscrew the top using the metal ring just below the black mouthpiece, turning in an anti-clockwise direction to remove it. Then holding the tank at a 45 degree angle pour the e liquid down the inside wall of the tank, taking care not to pour liquid into the central airhole. Screw the top back on as soon as possible after refilling.

Priming the coil - the first time you use your TOPTANK EVOD, or whenever you change the coil wait one minute before vaping to allow the e liquid to soak into the coil. This will avoid 'dry hits' or burning a dry coil.

Vaping - when vaping, place the mouthpiece between your lips and draw in breath slowly. With the improved airflow this will produce the best flavour and most vapour compared to drawing in rapidly.

Changing the coil - whenever you start to see a reduction in vapour this indicates that the coil (also know as an atomizer) has reached the end of its lifespan and needs to be replaced. To replace the coil simply turn the tank upside down, and holding the main body of the tank in one hand unscrew the base in an anti-clockwise direction to remove it. The Kanger VOCC-T coil is screwed into the base so simply unscrew and dispose of the existing coil before replacing it with a new one. Then screw the base back onto the main body of the tank. Always remember to prime a new coil as above to avoid damaging it and causing a burnt taste.

Kit contains

1 x KangerTech TOPTANK EVOD (silver) tank
1 x Kanger VOCC-T coil (1.5 ohm resistance) pre-installed
1 x Instruction leaflet
1 x KangerTech authenticity label on packaging

Safety advice

Only use the tank for vaping
Only use VOCC-T coils with a resistance of 1.5 ohms or above
Never swallow the e liquid
Keep all vaping gear away from children and pets
Only use in temperatures between 5 and 45 degress centigrade

Kanger TOPTANK EVOD features

Compatibility - Fully compatibile with ROK Legend e cigarette batteries and the Kanger TOP EVOD kit

Enhanced airflow - Draws in more air and produces more vapour through a wider mouthpiece than ROK Legend

Replaceable coils - Replaceable Kanger VOCC-T coils - saving you time and better for the environment than disposable tanks

More vapour and flavour - The tank uses a lower resistance coil than the ROK Legend tanks, producing more vapor and a richer taste

Top-filling - Easier and cleaner than base filling tanks

Kanger TOPTANK EVOD technical specifications

Capacity: 1.7 ml
Filling: Top-filling
Material: Metal and pyrex glass
Diameter: 14mm
Length: 57mm
Weight: 21g
Coil resistance: 1.5 ohm coil supplied (pre-installed)
Replaceable coils: KangerTech VOCC-T (1.5 ohm resistance and above)
Thread: eGO
Drip tip: 510
Compliant: TPD, CE and ROHS compliant