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The Kanger TOP EVOD is an incredibly simple to use 'vape pen' style e cigarette, measuring 13 cm long and 1.4 cm in diameter.

The kit includes a rechargeable battery, tank with pre-installed replaceable coil and charge lead. Just add your e liquid and vape away.

Available in a choice of four colours - black, silver, white or red.

Replacement Kanger VOCC-T coils are available separately.

Kanger TOP EVOD user guide

The kit is extremely easy to operate. All you ever need to do is fill with e liquid, recharge the battery, and change the coil when needed

Filling with e liquid - Simply unscrew the top of the tank and squeeze in your e liquid before replacing the top as soon as possible

The first time - When you first use your tank or change the coil wait one minute after filling to allow the e liquid to absorb fully into the coil (called ‘priming the coil’) to prevent damage and unpleasant ‘dry hits’

Turning on and off - Press the fire button five times in three seconds at the start and end of your vaping session to turn the device on and off. The light around the button will flash five times

How to vape - Just place the mouthpiece between your lips and slowly draw in breath (for up to 10 seconds) whilst pressing the button

When to recharge - When pressing the button the light around the button will flash 15 times if the battery is low and needs to be recharged

Charging - Unscrew the battery from the tank and connect it to a powered USB port or UK mains USB adaptor (available separately) using the cable provided. The light on the cable will glow red whilst charging and turn green when charged

Changing the coil - When you start to see a reduction in vapour it is time to change the coil. Remove the tank from the battery, turn is upside down and unscrew the base. Just remove the existing coil from the base and replace it with a new Kanger VOCC-T coil. When you refill with e liquid remember to ‘prime the coil’ again

Kanger TOP EVOD contents

1 x EVOD battery
1 x TOPTANK EVOD tank with pre-installed VOCC-T coil
1 x USB charging cable
1 x user manual
1 x Kanger authenticity sticker

In case you are wondering, TOP refers to filling your e liquid in the top of the tank. EVOD is the name Kanger use for the battery. VOCC-T stands for Vertical Organic Cotton Coil – TOPTANK - organic cotton coils are higher quality than fibre coils. Now you know!

Easy to use - Single button activation

Rechargeable - The kit includes a rechargeable ‘EVOD’ battery

Everyday use - The battery has a 650 mAh capacity. This measures how much energy it can store at one time. 650 mAh can last all day in light use use before recharging (or around half a day in frequent use)

Durable - The tank is made from durable pyrex glass, not plastic

Practical - The tank can hold up to 1.7 ml of e liquid, just below the maximum allowed under UK and EU regulations (2 ml)

Great airflow - The tank produces high amounts of vapour by using a wider mouthpiece than other ‘vape pen’ style e cigarettes

Top fill - You fill the tank from the top, so you do not need to remove it from the rest of the device or turn it upside down. This is much easier and cleaner than base-filling tanks

Replaceable coil - A coil (or ‘atomizer’) is the part of your e cigarette inside the tank that heats up the e liquid, producing the vapour that you inhale. Replaceable coils cost less to use than devices with disposable tanks where the entire tank needs to be replaced.

Organic cotton - The wick inside the coil is made from Japanese organic cotton which provides a purer, cleaner taste than low quality fibre alternatives

Safety features - The TOP EVOD features integrated circuit safety, output & charging protection and will auto cut off if activated for more than 10 seconds to prevent overheating

Kanger TOP EVOD technical specifications

Assemblred dimensions: 130 mm x 14mm diameter

Battery type: Kanger EVOD
Battery capacity: 650 mAh
Battery output: 3.7V
Battery connection: eGo

Tank type: Kanger TOPTANK EVOD
Tank capacity: 1.7 ml
Tank material: pyrex glass

Coil type: Kanger VOCC-T
Coil resistance: 1.5 ohm