Using Electronic Cigarettes

Can I use the ROK Premium Electronic Cigarette anywhere?

The ROK E-Cigarette can be used legally almost anywhere and everywhere, even where traditional smoking is prohibited. The E-Cigarette is not lit and smoke is not produced. The smoke that you see is strictly a vapour or mist. Because the cigarette is not ignited and hence is not actually smoked, smoking an E-cigarette should not be prohibited under most laws that ban smoking in certain areas for public health purposes. If you are on private property please respect the individual outlet’s policy. ROK Electronic Cigarettes are not suitable for use on commercial airlines.

Are ROK Premium Electronic Cigarettes safe?

Our E-Cigarettes contain only water, Propylene Glycol, nicotine, and a scent that imitates tobacco or included flavour. ROK E-Cigarettes hold CE & ROHS certifications. Please see the product manual for additional safety information.

Can anyone use the ROK Premium Electronic Cigarette?

No, the E-Cigarette is intended for use only by adult smokers only and it is not intended to be used by pregnant women, women who are breastfeeding, smokers who have inherent medical conditions such as (but not limited to) diabetes, heart conditions or depression and those who are sensitive to nicotine. If you are in any doubt or are using prescribed medications please consult your GP before using this or any similar product.

Why do people use ROK Premium Electronic Cigarettes?

Smokers smoke because they enjoy the physical and emotional feelings they get when smoking traditional cigarettes. The ROK Premium E-Cigarette will provide you with a similar experience but without the tar, 4 000 other chemicals and second-hand smoke that is related to traditional smoking. The main reasons people use a tobacco-free smoking option include the freedom to smoke almost anywhere and everywhere, no first- or second-hand smoke or odour, convenience, and the fact that this could be cheaper than traditional cigarettes in the long run.

How to buy electronic cigarettes and accessories

Where can I buy the ROK Premium Electronic Cigarette?

ROK products are available through our online store. You must be of legal smoking age (at least 18) to purchase the E-Cigarette.

Is there a warranty with the purchase?

ROK USB chargers and three pin wall adaptors are warranted for a period of 12 months.

E Cigarette Battery Stems which are more likely to be dropped are classed as consumable items and as such are warranted for a period of 60 days from the purchase date. Thereafter items may be purchased online.

Replacement Tips are consumable items and not under warranty.

Please note that ROK e liquid can be used with ROK Legend hardware only & should not be used to refill ROK Original e cigarette tips (cartomisers). Damage to ROK Original e cigarette batteries caused by attempted use of e liquid will not be covered as this is not the intended use. 

Tankomisers are consumables that will need replacing over time. Lifespans vary depending on individual use and the e liquid you use. Please note : Tankomisers are supplied and sold as a single use disposable items and are covered by our dead on arrival warranty. Tankomisers have a 48-hour cover, this means from date of receipt (48-hours from the date of your invoice) you have a 48- hour period to check the goods to ensure they are in good working order. As a rough guide, a tankomiser’s lifespan are subject to individual usage and should be replaced within 5 refills / 30 days of first use. Some consumers get less, some get more out of the lifespan. Please remember  in essence, your tankomiser is like a car’s oil filter and spark plugs combined – the lifespan depends on how much you use it, for how long, how hard you drive it and what you put in the tank! Our tankomisers, although made to the highest quality, are consumable items which will fail and degrade over a period of time dependent on usage & the quality and type of e liquid used in your device. This is standard practice across the market & as we have no control on what e-liquid is placed in the device & how much it is used.

Is the ROK Premium Electronic Cigarette cheaper than traditional cigarettes?

After an initial investment most smokers will start to notice significant savings of around 76 percent depending upon their customary usage. A single ROK genuine cartomizer is equivalent to approximately 35 traditional cigarettes.

Electronic cigarette vapour

What is the smoke that is released from the ROK Premium Electronic Cigarette?

The smoke that is released from the ROK Premium Electronic Cigarette is simply a vapour that evaporates into the air within seconds and leaves no residue in the air, unlike the second-hand smoke of traditional cigarettes.

Does the ROK Premium Electronic Cigarette have a smell?

No, the smoke has very little odour; however you may have a light essence from the flavours of the nicotine cartomisers.

Disposing of electronic cigarettes

How do I dispose of my electronic cigarettes?

ROK believe in taking care of the environment & have a battery producer’s compliance scheme in place. To recycle your used devices, please use your local return collection systems such as local recycling centres, many supermarkets have battery bins alternatively return them to us for the correct disposal.

Where can I dispose of them?

Find your nearest battery recycling point by simply putting your full postal code into the BatteryBack website to find the nearest 20 BatteryBack bins located at the entry or exit points at Supermarkets, DIY stores and major high street retailers.  

BatteryBack then recycle the magnetic (steel) and non-magnetic (zinc and brass) metal so nothing goes to waste.

Visit our Environment page for more details.

What are the wastebins printed on the products and packaging for?

The WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations) logos you will find on all of our products and packaging indicate that our e cigarette tips, electronic cigarette batteries & personal charge case kits once used to their completion, should be recycled and NOT disposed of with your household waste.