Recycling batteries and cartomizers

Battery recycling from BatteryBack

Find your nearest battery recycling point by simply putting your full postal code into the BatteryBack website to find the nearest 20 BatteryBack bins located at the entry or exit points at Supermarkets, DIY stores and major high street retailers. BatteryBack then recycle the magnetic (steel) and non-magnetic (zinc and brass) metal so nothing goes to waste. When recycling please ensure only the used batteries are placed in the containers, and not the item as a whole.

Correct disposal of our products

WEEEThe WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations) logos you will find on all of our products and packaging indicate that our e cigarette batteries and cartomizers once used to their completion, should be recycled and NOT disposed of with your household waste. ROK believe in taking care of the environment & have a battery producer’s compliance scheme in place. To recycle your used devices, please use your local return collection systems such as local recycling centres, many supermarkets have battery bins alternatively return them to us for the correct disposal.

This law came into force in the UK on the 02 January 2007. Brand owners, importers and distributors of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) are affected, attracting an obligation under the UK WEEE Regulations. Our Environmental Agency Number is BPRN01943. Our WEEE registration number is RM06830.

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