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ROK electronic cigarettes replace and satisfy the psychological ritual and routines that surround smoking. No tobacco is burned in the process unlike traditional tobacco-based products.


  • Looks, feels and tastes like a cigarette
  • Nicotine delivered in a smoke-like vapour
  • Cutting edge rechargeable batteries and cases
  • No tar or tobacco
  • 75% cheaper than cigarettes
  • Beat the ban, legal to use indoors


ROK electronic cigarettes are the future

The ROK premium electronic cigarette is a stylish electronic device that employs cutting-edge micro technology to vaporise and deliver a measured dose of nicotine, without burning tobacco or inhaling the related toxic substances.

The vapour produced doesn't linger or offend those around you. The “smoke” we refer to as “vapour” provides a flavour and physical sensation similar to that of the inhaled tobacco smoke you are used to.

We offer something for everyone. Dip you toe in with a disposable, invest in a rechargeable with replacement e tips or upgrade to a ROK Legend that can be liquid refillable or used with e tips.

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