A classic taste of tobacco. Made in Britain


A light tobacco taste with a smoke-like flavour. UK made

UK made by Decadent Vapours. A sweet Virginian tobacco flavour


The popular rolling tobacco. Made in Britain

UK made by Decadent Vapours. The 'Lights' version of the cowboy blend

UK made by Decadent Vapours. The cowboy blend that is tasty and smooth

The smooth, rich taste of cuban cigars. Made in Britain


Flavour matched to the cigarettes in gold and silver boxes. Made in Britain

The classic British cigarette brand. Made in Britain

The realistic taste of tobacco cigarettes. Made in Britain

A classic British cigarette blend. Made in Britain

A mix of Oriental tobacco, caramel and vanilla. Made in Britain



ROK super premium UK e liquid is made in the UK to our own recipes delivering the best taste. Using US & European pharma grade nicotine & e liquid dilutants, with grade natural & nature identical flavourings all sourced within the EU. Supplied in 10ml child proof bottles. Our e liquid can be used with ROK Legend and any other e liquid refillable e cigarette. So if you have bought a device from another supplier that’s OK.

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