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The Zelos 50W Kit is a powerful compact e cigarette for intermediate users - packed with options to customise your vape

Powerful - The Zelos features a high capacity, built-in rechargeable battery that can generate up to 50 watts (50W) of power

Compact - The assembled e cigarette is 128 mm tall x 38 mm wide x 23 mm deep

Features - The kit has a wide range of features and can be operated in six different modes to suit your vaping preferences

The tank is Pyrex® glass protected by a stainless steel sleeve and the mod has an anodised aluminium shell which is durable and less likely to scratch than paint

You can customise your vaping experience to your preferences with variable power, temperature control, adjustable airflow, sub-ohm or regular coils and choice of mouthpiece

The kit includes a powerful ‘box mod’ device, matching compatible tank with two coils, charging lead and spare parts

Box mod
The box mod is the main unit which features the controls, a display screen and contains the built-in rechargeable battery

Mod (for ‘modification’) devices are generally more powerful than other types of e cigarette. They also provide the user with controls to adjust the settings to suit their preferences

High capacity battery
Zelos has a high 2500 mAh capacity built-in battery. This measures how much energy it can store at one time. Higher capacities last longer before needing to recharge

Rechargeable battery
The rechargeable battery is LiPo (Lithium Polymer). LiPo batteries are light in weight, have higher capacities and higher discharge rates than other types of battery (they ‘pack more punch’)

The 0.69 inch OLED display screen will automatically rotate so that you can read it easily whichever way you hold the Zelos

Zelos 50W battery power
The battery can output between 1 and 50 watts of adjustable power. This is powerful for a compact box mod and suitable for new and intermediate vapers

In vaping the battery power affects the amount of heat produced by the coil in the tank, which converts the e liquid into the vapour that you inhale

Adjustable power
Adjusting the power will have an effect on the amount of vapour produced and its temperature, the flavour delivered and the ‘throat hit’ that you experience
Adjustable power
You can also adjust the power to take shorter or longer inhales but still create the same amount of vapour

Adjustable power
You can control the power using the VW (variable wattage), VV (variable voltage) and bypass modes to suit your preference, explained later

Temperature control
The device also supports three Temperature Control (TC) modes which can be used to enhance flavour and protect coils from damage

Nautilus 2 tank
The Zelos kit includes a ‘Nautilus 2’ tank, which simply screws into the top of the box

Nautilus 2
The Nautilus 2 is an update to the popular Nautilus and Nautilus Mini tanks - with enhanced performance and ease of use

The main enhancements are flavour production, durability, airflow control, ease of filling and ‘sub-ohm’ capability

Tank capacity
The tank holds 2ml of e liquid – the maximum allowed under UK and EU regulations

Enhanced flavour
The airflow structure delivers more flavour as vapour travels significantly less distance through a shorter mouthpiece

Airflow affects the amount of vapour, its temperature, the flavour intensity and the ‘pull’ (how hard or softly you draw in breath)

Pinpoint airflow control
Adjust airflow to suit your preferences by turning the ring at the base of the tank to open and close the vents. The airflow ring features five vents gives you more control

Easy to fill
You fill the tank from the top without removing it from the device or turning upside down. This is much easier and cleaner than base-filling tanks

Vaping styles
There are two styles of vaping - mouth to lung (MTL) and direct to lung (DTL). The Nautilus 2 tank supports both

A coil (or ‘atomizer’) is the part of your e cigarette inside the tank that heats up the e liquid, producing the vapour that you inhale

Nautilus coils
The tank is compatible with all Nautilus coils (also known as Nautilus BVC coils/atomizers). Nautilus X coils are not compatible

Nautilus coils
The tank comes with a Nautilus 0.7 ohm (Ω) ‘sub-ohm’ coil pre-installed. This simply means the coil resistance is less than one ohm

Sub-ohm vaping
Sub-ohm coils create more vapour and flavour than higher resistance coils and a more powerful ‘throat hit’ (the sensation you feel when you inhale nicotine)

Nautilus coils
A higher resistance Nautilus coil (1.8 Ω) is also included and fully compatible. Higher resistance coils use less e liquid as they create less vapour with each puff

E liquid strength
Strength is measured in mg/ml of nicotine, ranging from 0 up to 18. We recommend using lower strengths (0 to 6) with sub-ohm coils

Organic cotton
The wick inside the coil is made from Japanese organic cotton which provides a purer, cleaner taste than lower quality fibre alternatives
Coil material
The coil wire is made from kanthal and can be used in variable wattage (VW), variable voltage (VV) and bypass modes - but not for temperature control (TC)

Using the Zelos
The kit is easy to use. All you need to do is fill with e liquid, adjust the settings to your taste, recharge the built-in battery and change the coil when needed

Filling with e liquid
Simply hold the tank upright and unscrew the metal sleeve. Then add your e liquid before replacing the sleeve

The first time
When you first use your tank or change the coil wait two minutes after filling to allow the e liquid to absorb fully into the coil (called ‘priming the coil’) to prevent damage and unpleasant ‘dry hits’

Turning on and off
Press the fire button five times in a row within two seconds at the start and end of your vaping session to turn the device on and off

Select mode
Press the + and – button together to choose the operating mode. Use + or – to scroll between modes and the fire button to confirm

Select mode
Choose between VV, VW, bypass and TC (Ni, Ti or SS) modes. Compatible coils must be used for TC modes (sold separately)

VW mode
VW mode controls the power output from the coil. We recommend using this mode for simplicity when using variable power as you can just find your preference and leave it
Recommended VW range
All coils are etched with their resistance and recommended wattage range. For 0.7 Ω coils this is 18-23 watts and for 1.8 Ω coils 10-14 watts

VV mode
VV is an alternative to VW and controls the power input into the coil. When using the Zelos and Nautilus 2 there is no real difference in the vaping experience
Recommended VV range
When using 0.7 Ω coils the recommended VV range is 3.6-4 volts and 4.2-5 volts for 1.8 Ω coils

Bypass mode
In bypass mode the power is not adjusted – the available voltage will feed directly to the coil. It is not really needed when using the Zelos with the Nautilus 2 tank

Recommended power ranges
You will get the best lifespan from your coils operating within these ranges. Any higher and the coil will burn out faster. Lower and the coil will not fire as easily with less effective vapour production

Adjusting the power
Simply use the + and – buttons to adjust the power output to your preferred level, displayed in watts or volts on the screen
Adjusting the power
We generally recommend to start low at the low recommendation and gradually increase until you are satisfied

Temperature control
These modes control the temperature of the coil rather than the power generating it. Some vapers prefer this for refining the flavour delivered and to avoid burning coils

Temperature control modes
The TC modes match the wire material inside the coil being used - Ni (Nickel), Ti (Titanium) or SS (Stainless Steel). The coils supplied originally with the Zelos kit cannot be used in TC mode

How to vape
Just place the mouthpiece between your lips and slowly draw in breath (for up to 10 seconds) whilst pressing the fire button

When to recharge
A battery indicator on the side of the display screen indicates how much battery power remains so that you know when to recharge

There is a micro USB port on the front of the Zelos. Connect this to a USB port or mains adaptor using the cable provided to charge

When to change the coil
You should change the coil when you first see a reduction in vapour. If you don’t you will start to experience less flavour and a burnt taste – change the coil immediately

Changing the coil
Before changing a coil ensure the tank is empty. Unscrew the metal sleeve and pull off the glass tube. Then unscrew the coil and screw in a new one before replacing the glass

Changing the coil
Refill with liquid before screwing the metal sleeve back on. Remember to wait at least 2 minutes to prime the coil again before use

Additional features
Press the fire and + together to lock the controls so that you do not accidentally activate the device or change settings when switched on. Repeat to unlock

Additional features
Press the fire button three times to enter or leave stealth mode – the screen will deactivate and only the fire button is active

Additional features
Wattage can also be adjusted within the TC modes. Press the fire and – button together to access wattage settings

Safety features
The Zelos has all of the safety features you would expect – protection from short circuits, overheating, over charging, over discharges and auto cut-off

Each kit comes with two mouthpieces (also known as ‘drip tips’). One is made from stainless steel and the other is Delrin® - a tough plastic – again to suit your preference

Replacement glass
The kit also includes a spare Pyrex® glass tube for the tank which is easy to change should the original become worn or break

O-rings are small silicone seals used to prevent leaks. The Nautilus 2 features dual O-ring protection on both the mouthpiece and the coil and comes with 6 spares

Kit contents
Includes the Zelos 50W mod, Nautilus 2 tank, two Nautilus BVC coils (0.7 Ω pre-installed and 1.8 Ω), Micro USB charge lead, spare Pyrex® glass tube, additional Delrin® mouthpiece, 6 O-rings and user manual