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The new Aspire PockeX pocket AIO is a simple yet powerful compact e cigarette. All-In-One devices are simple to use as they do not have a separate battery and tank. It’s all combined.

The PockeX is small enough to fit in your pocket or bag, measuring around 12cm long and 2cm wide.

The battery has a high 1500 mAh capacity. This measures how much energy can be stored at one time. Higher capacity batteries will last longer before needing to charge. A 1500 mAh battery will last for days in normal use without recharging.

The PockeX produces high amounts of vapour by using a wide mouthpiece combined with a large ‘top airflow’ design.

The vape kit is suitable for sub-ohm vaping which creates high amounts of vapour

Guide to using the Aspire PockeX

All you ever need to do is fill with e liquid, recharge the built-in battery, and change the coil when needed.

  • Simple to refill – Just unscrew the top cap and squeeze your e liquid into the built-in tank up to the max line. Then replace the top cap.
  • Turning on and off - Press the button five times in a row at the start and end of your vaping session. The light will flash 3 times indicating on or off.
  • How to vape - After turning on the PockeX, simply place the mouthpiece between your lips and draw in breath whilst pressing the button.
  • When to recharge - When you turn your PockeX on or off the colour of the flashing light indicates the remaining power. Blue for 30% and above, pink for below 30% so recharge soon.
  • How to recharge - Connect the base of the PockeX to a USB port or mains adaptor using the cable provided. The red charging light will turn green when fully charged.
  • Changing the coil - When you start to see a reduction in vapour it’s time to change the coil. Coils screw directly into the underside of the top cap without wasting any e liquid. The first time you use your PockeX and whenever you change the coil wait three minutes after filling to allow the e liquid to absorb fully into the coil. Most vapers change the coil every month in average use.
  • Sub-ohm coils - The PockeX comes with two ‘sub-ohm’ (0.6 ohm) coils. This simply means that the coil resistance is less than one ohm. Sub-ohm coils create more vapour and flavour than standard coils. Buy replacement Aspire PockeX coils (sub-ohm)
  • E liquid strength - Strength is measured in mg/ml of nicotine, ranging from 0 up to 18. We recommend using lower strengths with sub-ohm coils for the best experience.

Vape kit contents

  • Aspire PockeX AIO e cigarette
  • Two sub-ohm (0.6Ω) coils, one of which is pre-installed
  • USB charging cable
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

Just add you choice of e liquid and start vaping!

Replacement Aspire PockeX glass is also available.

Aspire PockeX features

All-in-one – no separate tank and battery – everything is integrated into one.

Sub-ohm vaping – using the provided 0.6 ohm resistance 'sub-ohm' coils for great vapour production 

Top-filling – easy to refill without mess or wasting e liquid.

Coil location – the coil is located at the top of the built-in tank, enabling you to replace it without needing to empty the e liquid.

Leak-proof design.

2 ml tank capacity – the maximum allowed under EU regulations.

High capacity battery – integrated 1500 mAh capacity rechargeable battery. This is high for an e cigarette of this size and means the battery will last longer between recharges than lower mAh batteries.

Top airflow - produces more vapour through a wide mouthpiece combined with a large ‘top airflow’ design.

Fully complaint – meets all of the requirement of the revised EU Tobacco Products Directive 2014 (TPD) and UK Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016.

Aspire U-Tech coil technology – vapour travels through a unique U-shaped chamber two times which enhances airflow and creates a better flavour

Aspire PockeX technical specifications

  • Dimensions 11.77 cm long x 1.97 cm in diameter
  • 1500 mAh capacity battery with bypass output
  • 2 ml tank capacity
  • Stainless steel 0.6Ω 316L coils (18-23W) utilising Aspire U-Tech coil technology
  • Pyrex tank with stainless steel cover
  • Delrin drip tip