10 Motives rechargeable e cigarette (regular)

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E cigarettes deliver nicotine & flavour and produce a vapour without smoke, tar or burning tobacco. The 10 Motives rechargeable is a 'cigalike' - it looks like a regular cigarette and is incredibly simplest to use. Vapour is produced instantly when you inhale to satisfy nicotine cravings

Rechargeable - The kit includes a refill, rechargeable battery and USB charger – the battery simply screws into one end of the charger

Refills - Refills screw on to the rechargeable battery and contain liquid with the flavour and nicotine. Each refill is equivalent to up to 25 traditional e cigarettes

Flavour - The included refill has a regular tobacco flavour. Replacement 10 Motives refills are available separately in a range of flavours (including menthol)

Strength - Nicotine strength is measured in mg/ml. The included refill is 16 mg/ml nicotine - the most popular 10 Motives strength

How to use - All you ever need to do is recharge the battery and replace the refill when needed

How to vape - Simply place between your lips and draw in breath. Vapour is produced and a blue light at the tip will glow

When to recharge - The blue light on the end of the battery will flash when your battery needs to be recharged

Charging - Plug into a powered USB port on a laptop or PC or into a mains adaptor (sold separately). The USB charger light glows red whilst charging

Convenient - There is no need for messy refilling with e liquid – simply replace the whole refill tip when it expires

Kit contents - Includes the 10 Motives V2 rechargeable e cigarette (battery + regular tobacco refill) and USB charger

Rechargeable batteries have a lifespan of approximately 6 months in regular use before they need to be replaced